It is difficult to recognize victims of
trafficking in human beings. It is seldom clear cut.

You do not have to become an expert.

But you can take a closer look.


The woman needs help if:

  • she tells you that she is being forced into prostitution
  • she tells you that she has been raped
  • she is being abused
  • she is being exploited
  • she has extremely high debts with the owner of the brothel
  • she does not have freedom of movement
  • she is being constantly watched
  • a third person tells you that you can do anything you want with her
  • she is not allowed to refuse a client
  • she is not allowed to refuse certain sexual practices
  • she does not have the chance to insist on using condoms
  • she receives very little (less than 40% of the price you pay)
    or no money at all for her work
  • she has to be available around the clock
  • her passport has been taken away from her